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Life’s Third Act, sponsored by TuckerAllen law firm and formerly known as ElderTalk, is hosted by Attorney-CPA Joe Cordell and his co-host Jill Enders.

This show guides listeners in planning and enjoying retirement. From exploring wills and trusts to discussing tips on financial planning, Life’s Third Act covers everything you need to know about leaving a legacy for your next stage in life.www.tuckerallen.com

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The Elder Needs Show is hosted by Jason Neufeld, Esq, an experienced Florida Elder Care Attorney who discusses resources available to the senior population for retirement including: how to access help paying for long-term care, estate planning, and other services that improve the quality of life for older Floridians.  https://www.elderneedslaw.com/

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Joseph Cordell hosts ElderTalk, a conversation providing smart strategies for seniors on topics like health, estate planning, probate, long-term care, and more. When getting older, it is vital to know the legal and financial ramifications of your decisions. As a dually-licensed Attorney-CPA, Mr. Cordell knows the ins and outs of what elders face as they plan ahead and can create a dialogue with his co-hosts, regarding the given topic. From looking out for your children to planning your hospice care, or tips for adult children on caring for aging parents, ElderTalk with Joe Cordell is able to provide an educated and unique perspective that will assist you moving forward. http://www.tuckerallen.com