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Every week moderator Scott Trout hosts a quick but dynamic 15-minute segment with one TuckerAllen attorney and discusses the ins and outs of estate planning and elder law and answers live viewer questions. From everything about avoiding probate to guidance on estate planning for blended families, these sessions provide more than just the basics.  With years of experience in the legal industry, Mr. Trout and his co-hosts provide their insights into what everyone should know when creating an estate plan or preparing long-term care options. http://www.tuckerallen.com

Season 2 (2022)Estate Planning 101

Tips for Funding Your Trust
What Happens When a Beneficiary Dies
When to Give Money to Your Beneficiaries
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With his no-nonsense style and plain-spoken explanation of complex legal topics, expert estate and tax planning attorney James L. Cunningham, Jr. shows how to avoid the mistakes that could damage your financial future, financial succession, family, heirs, and legacy. Author of bestselling book Savvy Estate Planning, Jim provides both the essentials and the advanced strategies you need in the protection and transfer of multi-generational wealth. The only mistake you could make now would be to neglect this vital part of your financial life. http://www.cunninghamlegal.com

Creating the right special needs trust

Creating the right special needs trust

Duration 52m

If you have a loved one with special needs, you know it’s vital to create a Trust to care for them when you are gone. But what kind of Trust? And what are the crucial issues? Certainly, it’s not just about the money. Issues range from who will care for your loved one, to housing, healthcare decision making, financial decision making, long-term tax strategies, and maintaining client status at the regional center. California Estate Planning Attorneys Jim Cunningham, Jr. and Daniel G. Van Slyke, have deep expertise in the whole range of these issues, and in this webinar, they’ll help you avoid common errors and set up the best possible future for your special needs heir.