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Come join AJ weekly as he goes through typical mortgage questions people have when refinancing or purchasing a home. With over 20 years of mortgage experience, AJ has had plenty of questions about first time home purchases, refinancing or investing in properties. He will guide you through the process so that when the time comes you will feel comfortable with who you work with on the completion of this intricate piece.

Mortgage Q&A

Episode 1: Is It A Good Time to Refinance?
Episode 2: Shopping for the Best Interest Rates
Episode 3: Is It The Right Time To Buy?
Episode 4- Should I pay off my mortgage faster?
Episode 5: What are points?
Episode 6: Down Payment Assistance
MQA - Episode 7 PMI and 20% Down
Episode 8 Getting a 2nd mortgage
MQA - Episode 9 Different Types of Loans