Options Crash Course

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Join Dan Weiskopf as he brings the best and brightest in the blockchain world to your living room so that you can better understand where the technology is taking us in the near future. Learn some investing ideas from the people who live in this world every day.

Want to learn about the ETF industry and all that is available to you to invest in? Jay Coulter interviews some of the leading ETF providers and brings their story to you.

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Options Delta Explained
Options Theta Explained
Options Vega Explained
Options Gamma Explained
Options Rho Explained
Options Charm Explained
Options Color Explained
Options Vomma Explained
Options Vanna Explained
Options Speed Explained
Setting Your Portfolio Goals
Equity Indexes 101
Using Stocks In Your Options Portfolio
Day-to-Day Management of an Options Portfolio
Short Vertical Spread Management
Long Vertical Spread Management
Iron Condor Management
Diagonal Spread Management
Short Strangle Management
Short Naked Put Management
Short Straddle Management
Ratio Spread Management
Episode 1 Options Contracts & Transactions
Episode 2 Option Pricing 101
Episode 3 The Importance of Extrinsic Value in Options
Episode 4 How to Use Delta When Trading Options
Episode 5 How & Why Option Contracts Decay in Value
Episode 6 How Options React When Implied Volatility Changes
Episode 7 Trade Management: Gamma and Options
Episode 8 Option Contracts, Greeks, and IV
Episode 9 Options Strategies_ Vertical Spreads & Iron Condors _ Options Crash Course
Episode 10 Options Strategies_ Vertical Spreads & Iron Condors Part 2 _ Options Crash Course
Episode 11 Options Strategies_ Short Puts & Strangle Spreads _ Options Crash Course
Episode 12 Comparing Defined Risk & Naked Options Strategies _ Options Crash Course
Episode 13 How to Manage an Options Trade _ Options Crash Course
Episode 14 What to Consider When Building a Portfolio _ Options Crash Course
Episode 15 Building Blocks of Portfolio Management _ Options Crash Course
Episode 16 Setting Up an Options Trade From Start to Finish _ Options Crash Course
Episode 17 Course Finale_ Guidelines for Trade Management _ Options Crash Course