Security in Knowing You Can Trust the Host

Joe and Al make sure that you understand the importance of financial planning for your retirement.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at ROI TV is the vetting process and the quality of series that we have. Using licensed professionals to make sure they are giving the most accurate information and not looking for clickbait is important to ROI TV. We want our audience to be able to turn on our channel and have the comfort of knowing that we bring the best financial information.

Dr. Jim wants to take you from nothing to novice in this series. If you ever wanted to learn how to trade options, Dr. Jim is the best teacher out there.
Now that you have money, Jim walks you through what you need to do to protect your assets

While markets and investments change rapidly, the one thing that stays the same is quality financial advice. Whether it is attorneys, CFP’s, CPA’s or real estate professionals, we want to make sure that you know the best information is on our channel.


Business and personal finance insight from a different perspective

From budgeting and saving to building a new business and retirement planning, ROI TV covers a vast range of topics to make sure that you are completely covered on your financial journey. Money is not just about the stock market, it has many moving parts with real estate, insurance, estate planning and more.

Want to start and grow your business? JP and Sal are the guys to help you understand what needs to be done.
Hillary interviews some of the great entrepreneurs in our country to see the successes and struggles of an early business.
Real honest opinions from Chelsea Fagan on what you need to do with your money

We stive to bring different perspectives to the network because the first work in “Personal Finance” is Personal. What is going on for you and your decisions are how they impact you and your family. We want there to be a range of opinions so that you can decide what avenue is right for you.

Current financial events that are happening in our world around us